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Maria Schmit, with the assistance of Anne Vorce, has documented another muddy runoff from the Chelsea town construction site.
Previous incident on June 27
- posted Jul 2
Kit Gage looks at the performance of new stormwater facilities in Sligo Park Hills during the recent rainstorms.
- posted Jul 1
Anne Vorce and Stephanie Subramanian report water laden with concrete and asphalt dumped in storm drain at Silver Spring Transit Center
- posted Jun 29
Kit Gage reports on this diesel spill into Sligo Creek.
- posted Jun 20
Mike Smith has contributed this addition to the FoSC Plants page. - posted June 15
  • Dozens Enjoy Outing at Confluence
  • 100 Middle Schoolers Pull GM
  • Evans Park Dedication
  • Weed Warrior Training June 24
  • Fish Kill Investigation
  • Catbirds and Peacocks
- posted June 12
Ann Hobbs reports files a Sligo Water Watchdog report.
- posted Jun 11
Judy Treible files a Sligo Water Watchdog report about the continuing problem of foam in our waterways.
- posted Jun 2
Pat Ratkowski supplies the latest monitoring of four outfalls along Sligo
- posted June 1
A short, interesting piece about her legacy has been added to our Rachel Carson page, kindness of author David Haskell (of The Forest Unseen fame: his year-long watch of a square yard of Tennessee forest). Enjoy!
- posted May 27
Citizen Reports and Water WatchDog Citizen Reports Pour In
Please help !
Foam tower sighted at Maple Avenue
Sunday morning May 17

- posted May 18
Mike Laugherty files a Sligo Water Watchdog report of cloudy water in Long Branch on Sat, May 16
- posted May 18
Keith Kozloff documents another walk to a less often seen section of Sligo Creek.
- posted May 13
Anne Vorce files a Sligo Water Watchdog report that reinforces Paul Dery's report of April 15.
- posted May 6
Patton Stephens reports on the successful Spring 2015 Sweep
- posted Apr 29
Paul Dery files another Sligo Water Watchdog report.
- posted Apr 28
Anne Vorce has contributed a map provided by Steve Martin, the head of DEP’s water detectives who spearheads DEP’s investigations responding to the Water WatchDog pollution reports. (4MB PDF file)
- posted Apr 2
Keith Kozloff, the new steward for Takoma Branch, documents a search for the path of Takoma Branch, perhaps the least used section of Sligo Creek.
- posted Mar 19
Carol Boston's masters project looks at 3 years of our Sightings in light of technology (48-page PDF). She will be present at next Wednesday's program, "Sligo: Inspiring Works."
Notations by Friends of Sligo Creek on Boston thesis (1-page PDF)
- updated Mar 13
Kit Gage reports a benefit of the WSSC sewer work in Sligo
- posted Feb 10
This article from the Feb 2015 newsletter updates the status of the WSSC sewer construction in Sligo.
- posted Feb 4


Tue, July 21, 7:30pm
SS Civic Bldg

Elizabeth Shipley of USGS will talk about the USGS gauge in Sligo Creek; what's measured and why.

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