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Pat Ratkowski describes the creation of a spring seep and vernal pool system in Sligo Creek Valley by WSSC and M-NCPPC (Parks).
- posted Aug 12
Pat Ratkowski, our Water Quality chair, posts the amount of fecal bacteria present at several different locations in Sligo Creek for July 2016.
- posted Aug 9
Pat Ratkowski supplies the latest monitoring of 4 sites and 7 outfalls along Sligo.
- posted Aug 8
There are a number of incidents of so-called art works on rocks along Sligo and NW Branch. What can be done about this defacement?
- posted Aug 4
Ed Murtagh documents the extensive efforts have been made to restore the Breewood Tributary, a small stream that feeds into Sligo Creek just downstream of University Boulevard.
- posted Jul 29
Ann Hobbs and Michael C. Smith report heavy red muddy water at Windham Lane & Sligo
- updated Jul 27
to County Council on Bill 28-16 endorsing the bill to facilitate use of Food Compost on Turf.
- posted July 17
FOSC Board asks Montgomery County for comprehensive plan to improve upper Wheaton Branch.
- posted July 14
  • Meet County Council Members
  • Dozens Bike Sligo
  • Champion Trees Tour
  • New Annotated Map of Sligo
- posted July 13
Anne Vorce and Kathleen Samiy report on this bike tour from Sligo Creek's Headwaters to the Anacostia River - and Back. You might want to do the ride yourself!
- posted June 30
Dana Best reports on muddy water near Kemp Mill shopping center.
- posted Jun 30
Anne Vorce reports that Bennington Branch is bad again today.
- posted Jun 13
Isolde Spiegel reports cloudy water again in Bennington Tributary.
- posted Jun 10
Rhonda Kranz has provided four files displaying the results and comparing bee surveys done in Sligo in 2013 and 2014.
- posted Jun 8
Pat Ratkowski, FoSC Water Quality chair, submits another blog posting about a water pollutant threat, dirt.
- posted Jun 6


Meadow Walk
with Michael Wilpers
4-6pm, Sun, Sep 11
Pepco power line corridor btw NH Ave and E-W Hwy. We'll look at the many wildflowers in bloom, the variety of habitats, and the benefits of infrequent mowing to create this shrubby meadow-grassland

Tue, Sep 20
Silver Spring Civic Bldg

Douglas Marshall, with Montgomery County, will talk to us about Breeword stormwater restoration.

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