Pat Ratkowski supplies the latest monitoring of four outfalls along Sligo - Bennington Drive, Maple Ave, Park Ritchie and Wayne Ave
- posted Sep 19
Anne Vorce reports cloudy water pollution at Ellsworth and Sligo. DEP traced the cloudy water to a broken water main on Franklin.
- posted Sep 11
  • Time to Sweep the Creek!
  • Invasives Sept. 13, Tree Planting Sept 21
  • Get More Involved
  • Water Quality "Snapshot" Day
  • Summer Events a Big Draw
  • Disappointing Stormwater Installation
  • Get a Grip on Goldenrods
- posted Sep 6
Clair Garman took photos of Sligo during the heavy rainfall on Aug 12 and then took photos of the same spots the following day to show the magnitude of the flooding.
- posted Aug 17
Anne Benenson has added to her photos displaying the beauty of our creek.
- posted June 17
Anne Vorce logs a problem with the storm water management practices used at the Chelsea construction site near downtown Silver Spring at a time of above average rainfall and intensity.
- posted June 13
Pat Ratkowski posts the latest report of the the monitoring of four outfalls into Sligo Creek. He has been making these reports periodically since 2012.
- posted June 11
Sligo Water Watchdog, Anne Vorce, logs the failure of Parks Dept to control the runoff. - posted May 28
DEP Water Detective Gretchen Ekstrom solves the case. DEP Fines Ice Rink Management Company. A DEP, Sligo Water Watchdog and Neighborhood Cooperation Success Story - posted May 14


Sections 2, 5, 6, 8, 10M, 10L, and 12
Sat, Sep 27, 9-11am
Sections 1, 3, 4, 7 and 9
Sun, Sep 28, 1-3pm

Help keep our creek clean.

Pulling garlic mustard, porcelainberry, etc.
Forest Glen - Dennis and Dennis - University
Wear long pants, long sleeves and closed shoes

Sat, Oct 25

Volunteer to test the water quality of a local stream with FoSC and Anacostia Watershed Society. Training will be provided.

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