Become a Sligo Creek Water WatchDog

The Water WatchDog program is a simple system for reporting water pollution to County investigators as part of your daily routine — whether you are taking a walk, hiking, walking your dog, cycling or going to work.  

If you spot pollution in the Sligo watershed, just send a quick email to ReportSligoPollution at Sending a picture helps. If the pollution occurs in some other watershed, use the email address ReportPollution at

Your email will show up immediately on the smart phone of DEP pollution detective Steve Martin and his team. If they can find what is causing the pollution, they may be able to stop it and issue a fine. If you have time, add one photo (less than 1 megabyte in size) and blog your report and DEP follow up on our Action Log. Having a record is important.

After hours (evenings and weekends), call the Montgomery County Park Police:  301-949-3010

What to Report

  • The location. (Do the best you can. If possible, use the nearest intersection, address, or landmarks. Or, use our handy online GPS locator tool.)
  • Date and time
  • Your name and contact information, if you want to know about follow up
  • Send a picture, if you can. This can really help with quick identification and seeing patterns over time.
  • Describe problem briefly. What to look for: color, clarity, smell, debris (including small pieces of paper, which can indicate sewage).
    Our new Pollution ID Card may help you.
  • Weather conditions

Log a Water Watchdog Report

Visit this page to Log a Water Watchdog Action Report.

View the Water Watchdog Action Log – Citizen Pollution Reports

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WSSC Improvements to Long Branch (photo album)

Kathleen Samiy and Anne Vorce receive the Community Hero Award for creating the Friends of Sligo Creek’s “Water WatchDog” system.

Diesel Spill June 17, 2015

Map of the Bennington Outfall Drainage Area

Large Fish and Salamander Kill in May 16-17, 2015 at Sligo Creek and Long Branch