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Action Log

Anne Vorce

What: Muddy Water

Where: Bennington Tributary

When: Mon, May 8, 2017. At least as early as 2:30pm today Monday May 8. Silt still flowing at 5:30pm

Action Taken: Around 2:30pm today, a citizen sent a Water WatchDog email to DEP to report heavy and ongoing silting of the Bennington Tributary. Around 5pm, I reported the same pollution. DEP's Gretchen Ekstrom replied that she had already been investigating. The heavy silting appears to be resulting from dewatering of a construction site in downtown Silver Spring, which drains into our tributary over half a mile away. A photo of the silt plume moving down to the mouth of the Tributary and into the Creek itself is attached) Gretchen will check tomorrow (May 9) on the situation with DPS, which is the permitting authority for controlling construction dewatering and runoff.

Photo by Anne Vorce