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Action Log

Anne Vorce

What: Other, Concrete Wash

Where: Guilford Street and Guilford Court

When: Mon, Apr 2, 2017, morning

Action Taken: At our April 2 Water WatchDog Workshop, expert Lori Lilly and participants noticed a concrete washout trail on the road, coming from a home construction project and heading into a nearby storm drain. Although not at all obvious, the storm drain empties into the Creek 10 minutes away, via the long, buried Brunett Avenue outfall pipe. Based on our complaint via the Water WatchDog email, Gretchen Ekstrom from the County's clean water enforcement team at DEP "conducted an inspection". She reported that while no enforcement action was taken, she spoke with the general contractor, who told the concrete contractor that they would lose business if it happened again. Gretchen noted that the threat of losing business "is the best incentive for corrective action."