Plants in Flower, PEPCO Right-of-Way
at Sligo Creek in 2013

From March through October 2013, Bruce Sidwell and Michael Wilpers conducted a survey of plants in the PEPCO powerline corridor where it crosses Sligo Creek between New Hampshire Ave and Riggs Road.

The area between Sligo Creek and East-West highway was mown regularly by PEPCO. The up-hill area on the other side of the creek was unmown. See a map of the PEPCO powerline corridor.

There were:

  • 25 total visits
  • 208 sightings of native plants
  • 264 sightiings of alien plants
Plant most often seen were:
  • 20 visits: Red clover
  • 14 visits: Hemp dogbane, Queen Anne's Lace, White clover
  • 12 visits: Chicory, Common dandelion, Yarrow
  • 11 visits: Early goldenrod, English plantain
  • 10 visits: Pokeweed
  • 9 visits: Horse-nettle