About Friends of Sligo Creek


Friends of Sligo Creek is a nonprofit community organization dedicated to protecting, improving, and appreciating the ecological health of Sligo Creek Park and its surrounding watershed.

The Sligo Watershed

Sligo Creek flows eight miles through the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC - from its headwaters in Wheaton, through Silver Spring and then Takoma Park, underneath Riggs Road and through the western edge of Hyattsville. There it joins the Northwest Branch, which flows into the Anacostia River, until it becomes part of the Potomac River, flowing into the Chesapeake Bay. If you live south of Wheaton Regional Library, east of Georgia Avenue, and west of University Boulevard, Sligo is your watershed.

The woods along the creek-banks of Sligo are crucial - both to the health of the stream and to the delight of those who live within its watershed. These woods are now imperiled, however, by invasive vines that have come in, killing even mature trees and smothering saplings that must grow if there is to be a forest for our children and their children. The creek is also in danger - from erosion of its banks as well as from pollution. And too often litter disfigures its beauty.

How We Work

Sligo Friends have joined together in a non-profit, tax-exempt, incorporated community organization. We put on clean-up and clear-out events in the park, offer indoor programs for learning, and organize guided outdoor explorations. We monitor civic developments and advocate for policies and decisions that will support a healthier Sligo. Much of our organization energies at present are being put into an anti-invasives project. We also have an annual all-Creek "Sweep" of litter. Events draw from 5 to 350 participants and our monthly electronic newsletter is sent to over 500 people.


Our hands-on work is organized by sections of the Creek and its tributaries. Each of the fifteen sections has a steward, who organizes local events and keeps an eye on conditions and needs of that part of the Creek. More about Sligo Stewards. A seven-member Board of Directors guides activities and policies. More about the Board. We have a range of committees, who work with varying levels of activity on particular issues or interests - including water quality, litter, advocacy, and natural history. More about FoSC committees.

The Big Picture

Looking toward our vision of a healthy creek, we have developed a Strategic Plan, which outlines the breadth of the work we intend to do. This plan is a work-in-progress, as we learn more about what is possible and what is effective and as different people in the community step forward with energy and skills for different aspects of appreciating the delights of Sligo and of responding to problems we see. Read the strategic plan for Friends of Sligo Creek.

Join in!

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