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 Friends of Sligo Creek
 PO Box 11572
 Takoma Park, MD

  • Tour the Sligo Gorge March 3
  • Volunteer Needed for Program Hospitality
  • Grant for Stormwater Control
  • Love on a Lek for Valentine's Day
- Posted Feb 6

Enter your original artwork into Montgomery County's Storm Drain Art Contest. Beautify your neighborhood while educating the community with your environmental message. Feb 16th deadline.
- Posted Jan 22

A big ThAnKs! to everyone who came out to remove invasive plants and pick up trash in Sligo Creek Park. Check out the excellent photos taken by the MCNPPC photographer Tony Ventouris.
- Posted Jan 22

Our long-standing volunteer, Laura Mol, is stepping down from her role as creative genius of our kiosk displays. If you'd like to try your hand, and/or can help with their posting, please see the first article in our January newsletter.
- Posted Jan 11

  • Volunteer(s) Needed for Kiosks
  • Invasive Plant Removals Jan 15 & 27
  • Major Water Main Break in Kemp Mill
  • How Do Chickadees Survive the Cold?
- Posted Jan 11

Visit WSSC's website to identify what type of problem you're having and make a report if necessary.
- Posted Jan 9
Check out the latest coliform data along Sligo Creek, and compare to historical data.
- Posted Jan 9
Find out the status of broken water pipes near you.
- Posted Jan 8
FOSC webmaster finally catches up to all your great sightings!
- Posted Dec 21
Silver Spring Cares, who we partnered with to facilitate coordination among local non-profit groups, interviewed past and former presidents Kit Gage and Corinne Stephens.
- posted Dec 16
Outfall monitoring reports for four sites in September, and overall water quality reports for September and November from Pat Ratkowski, our Water Quality chair.
- posted Dec 15
Corinne Stephens, FoSC President, sends her end of year greetings to our wonderful members.
- posted Dec 11
We hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. If you're thinking about making a donation for Giving Tuesday, we would greatly appreciate it coming to us! Find out what we're doing for our community.
- Posted Nov 27
  • WSSC Discusses Colesville Water Main and Becca Lilly Pipe
  • Sligo Meadow Widened With 200 More Plants
  • South African Family Inspired by FOSC
  • Author of "Humane Gardener" Speaks Nov 15
  • Why Do Autumn Leaves Turn Red?
- posted Nov 7
A big THANKS from the FOSC President to everyone who helped out with our Fall Sweep.
- Posted Oct 19
  • Next Meadow Planting Nov 2
  • Fall "Sweep" Draws 400 Volunteers
  • Get Your FOSC Window Sticker!
  • Trash Update from Alice Ferguson Foundation
- posted Oct 19
Sat Oct 14, 11am-4pm, Bladensburg Riverfront Park.
- Posted Oct 6
One of our main events for the year is coming soon! We hope you can find time to help out for this important event.
- Posted Sept 13
  • Volunteer for FOSC at Folk Fest
  • Fall Sweep Sept 30-Oct 1
  • Sligo Meadow Tour Sept 13
  • Latest News on Litter Control Sept 19
  • Stormwater Landscapes at Georgia Ave Church
- posted Sept 9
Greenish water in Bennington Tributary spotted the week of Aug 14th.
- Posted Aug 27
Several recent sightings for an odd little bird waddling around Sligo Creek between Wayne & Rt. 29.
- Posted Aug 19
Come on out and enjoy the day at the TP Folk Festival, and help out FOSC at the same time. Find out how!
- Posted Aug 10
  • Litter Control Talk, Sept 19
  • High Turnout for Rachel Carson Talk
  • Kiosk Postings at 5 Years
  • Habitat & Stormwater Improvements
- posted Aug 3
On Saturday, June 15th, Kit Gage joined the DC Jewish Day School's 4th grade class on a trip to Sligo Creek Park.
- Posted July 24
FOSC's own Jim Anderson was named Volunteer of the Year by the Montgomery County Recreation and Parks Advisory Board, in recognition of Jim's more than 4,000 hours of service to Sligo Creek Park. Congrats to Jim for this impressive feat!
- Posted July 19
More than 70 cyclists rode the length of Sligo Creek (~12 miles one way) on June 6th for our second Bike Ride for Clean Water.
- Posted July 19
See the big impacts stormwater management projects in the Dennis Ave area have had for water quality and aquatic life.
- Posted July 16

Please consider supporting the
Friends of Sligo Creek in our efforts to protect and improve Sligo Creek Park and its surrounding watershed.
We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Want to be more involved in your community? Consider volunteering with FOSC. Meet your neighbors, improve your surroundings,
enhance your skill set.


Saturday Feb 24: 9-11am
Join Greg Odegaarden, WW Supervisor, on a cleanup. Location TBD.

Saturday Mar 3: 1-2:30pm
Who knew there's a gorge in Sligo? Come out and explore it with Bruce!

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