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 Friends of Sligo Creek
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 Takoma Park, MD

Spotted ~noon Feb 8th in the playground just south of Colesville Road.
- Posted Feb 9
  • Winter Tree ID Walk Feb 5
  • Tree Care Talk Feb 21
  • Water WatchDog Events Feb 27 & Mar 4
  • Sligo and the Bay Cleanup under Trump
  • Bee Expert Sam Droege Mar 21
- posted Feb 3
A fox heard calling ~8pm Friday night in the Sligo Woods neighborhood.
- Posted Jan 29
A healthy/vigorous-looking red fox sighted in Sligo Woods neighborhood.
- Posted Jan 24
Montgomery County Parks staff photographer Marilyn Stone joined us on our Sligo Creek MLK workday January 16.
- Posted Jan 21
  • Learn About Tree Care, Feb 21
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  • President Kit Gage Steps Down
  • Reforestation Sites Need Adoption
  • Junco's Sex Ration in Sligo
- posted Jan 21
Sally Taber reports muddy water in Sligo downstream from the Maple Ave stream.
- Posted Jan 16
Pat Ratkowski, our Water Quality chair, supplies the latest monitoring of 5 sites along Sligo.
- posted Jan 4
Pat Ratkowski, our Water Quality chair, posts the amount of fecal bacteria present at several different locations in Sligo Creek for December 2016.
- posted Jan 4
Pat Ratkowski continues his investigation into the source of the detergent discharge into Sligo Creek at Maple Ave. Pat is joined underground in his quest by DEP Environmental Supervisor Steve Martin, DEP Environmental Specialist Alex Torrella, and Greg Harless of Stormwater Maintenance & Consulting.
- posted Jan 3
Read about one of the least known, but most massive challenges, to urban waterway health in the United States today: salinized groundwater.
- posted Dec 4
Anne Vorce reports chlorinated water near Colesville Road.
- Posted Nov 23
- posted Nov 22
Pierre Perrolle shares his knowledge of the small streams in Takoma Park that gather together and flow under Maple Ave into Sligo Creek.
- posted Nov 9
Pat Ratkowski continues his investigation into the source of the detergent discharge into Sligo at Maple Ave. Things get interesting as he and DEP Environmental Specialist Alex Torrella go underground in the search.
- posted Nov 3
Aubin Maynard reports muddy water in Long Branch upstream from the Carroll Ave bridge.
- Posted Oct 27
Patton Stephens reports the results of the Sweep the Creek cleanup on Sept 24 & 25.
- posted Oct 4
Pat Ratkowski updates us on the wetland seep system first described in Aug 2016.
- posted Oct 4
Bruce Sidwell has created a walking guide to Sligo Creek, breaking it into ten segments, each with its own written guide and map.
- posted Sep 18
Get a close-up look at the Sligo watershed of the 1930s through detailed aerial photos newly posted by the Anacostia Watershed Restoration Partnership.
- updated Sep 17

Please consider supporting the Friends of Sligo Creek in their efforts to protect and improve Sligo Creek Park and its surrounding watershed. FOSC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.


Mon, Feb 27, 7pm-8:30pm
SS Civic Center

Watershed, Water Quality, and Pollution Identification

Sat, Mar 4, 8:30am-11am
near Sligo & Rt 29

Urban pollution hot spots tour with water quality expert Lori Lilly.

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