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 Friends of Sligo Creek
 PO Box 11572
 Takoma Park, MD

  • Plastic Pollution Talk Feb. 18
  • MLK Service Day a Big Success
  • FOSC Seeks Web Contractor
  • Invasives Removal Feb. 22
  • Spring Sweep the Creek Apr. 18-19
  • Nature Sightings in January
- Posted Feb 6

Friends of Sligo Creek is seeking to hire person with Salesforce and WordPress skills

- Posted Jan 24

  • MLK Day of Service at Hillwood Manor
  • Talk on Microplastics Pollution Feb. 18
  • New Sligo Page on iNaturalist
  • Nature Sightings in December
- Posted Jan 13

Thanks for your support in 2019!

- Posted Dec 18

  • Invasives Work Dec. 7
  • Beltway Expansion and Eminent Domain
  • Medical Group Helps with Invasives
  • Nature Sightings in November
- Posted Dec 4

Summarizes content presented at November 7th program meeting by Jorge Bogantes Montero of the Anacostia Watershed Society
- Posted Nov. 29

  • Mussel Restoration Talk Nov. 7
  • Rachel Carson Lived Here
  • Sligo Creek in Barcelona
  • Nature Sightings in October
- Posted Nov 1

Friends of Sligo Creek advocacy letter to Peterson Companies requesting pervious surfaces be used on Ellsworth Drive in Silver Spring
- Posted Oct. 22

  • Tour of Lower Sligo Oct. 12
  • Water Quality Roundtable Oct. 15
  • Sweep the Creek Success
  • Fall Birders See 30 Species
- Posted Oct 16

Please visit our flickr page to see photos of our valiant volunteers!
- Posted Sept 26

  • Sweep the Creek this Weekend
  • Bird Outing Sept 28
- Posted Sep 20

Our semi-annual Sweep the Creek is set for Sept 21 and 22, and we hope you're set for it too. This is our way of helping to keep Sligo Creek Park clean for you--please volunteer to be a part of that effort.
- Posted Sept 8

  • Help Pull Invasives August 17
  • Sweep and Bird Outing in September
  • Stream Restoration Work
  • Thanks to Corinne Stephens
  • Dramatic Osprey Catch in Sligo
- Posted Aug 17

Thanks to all our FOSC Supporters--we couldn't do it all without you! See what your support has allowed us to accomplish so far this year.
- Posted July 1

  • Join Our Invasives Team for Monthly Pulls
  • Long Branch Cleanup a Success
  • Abundant Life at Our Stormwater Ponds
- Posted July 12

Thanks to all our FOSC Supporters--we couldn't do it all without you! See what your support has allowed us to accomplish so far this year.
- Posted July 1

  • Celebrate Breewood Restoration June 8
  • Learn About Mowing for Pollinators June 25
  • FOSC Opposes Beltway Expansion
  • Three Oaks Project Completed
  • 60 Stone Ridge Students Remove Invasives
  • Birders Find 33 Species
- Posted June 3

  • How Communities Can Control Mosquitoes April 25
  • Beltway Expansion Event April 24
  • Second Chance to Explore Nature in Long Branch May 11
  • Spring Bird Outing May 19
  • Spring Sweep Draws 430 Volunteers
- Posted May 3

Please join FOSC for a discussion hosted by Montgomery County Councilmember Tom Hucker & other local officials, followed by a townhall on the proposed project. Please also read our letter of opposition to the project.
- Posted Apr 30, Updated May 2

We don't! Come find out what you can do to reduce the mosquito population in your backyard. Posted Apr 21
New! Links to the powerpoint presentation and our event's video streaming can be found within the calendar entry

Find out how they differ, and see what else is happening within the Sligo Creek watershed on our sightings page.
- Posted Apr 17

Ed Murtagh provides an overview of our March 30th tour.
- Posted Apr 5

Our semi-annual Sweep the Creek is set for April 13 and 14, and we hope you're set for it too. This is our way of helping to keep Sligo Creek Park clean for you--please volunteer to be a part of that effort.
- Posted Mar 21

  • Tour Bioswales, Wetlands & More March 30
  • Explore Nature in Long Branch April 7
  • Spring Sweep The Creek April 13-14
  • Grant for Condo Stormwater Project
- Posted Mar 20

A big THANK YOU to all our supporters. Your donations in 2018 increased by 40 percent! Your hard-earned money has allowed us to: print English-language brochures and *new* for 2018, Spanish-language brochures; pay for water quality testing supplies; pay for room rentals for our presentations; maintain our kiosks along Sligo Creek; and most critically this past year, developing our new website, to launch later this year. We couldn't do this and more without your help.
- Posted Mar 5

and unfortunately it's not something to cheer about. Check out the above link for events in the DC area (and beyond), or visit the USDA's main portal to get more information about this important issue.
- Posted Feb 26

If you missed our discussion on Feb 21 with two representatives from the MNCPPC on the Beltway widening, you can watch our livestream of the event, or download the 6 page slideshow given, by visiting our calendar.
- Posted Feb 24

Thanks to the more than 40 people who came out to clean up this portion of Section 4. Almost 40 bags of trash & recyclables were collected. Special shout-out to Girl Scout Troop 34023!
- Posted Feb 17

  • Beltway Expansion Talk Feb. 21
  • Help Boy Scout with Bat Project
  • Pepco to Plant Trees along Sligo
  • Welcome New Board Members
  • Recent Nature Sightings in Sligo
- Posted Jan 30

Join other members of your community for a "day on, not a day off." The MLK Day of Service is a part of United We Serve, the President's national call to service initiative. Visit the MNCPPC website for a list of cleanups taking place along Sligo Creek and other nearby parks and waterways.
- Posted Jan 12

Protect Sligo Creek From Excess Road Salt
With predictions of our first significant snowfall this winter, something you can do to help protect Sligo and neighboring MD waterways is call 311 if you see piles of salt and/or sand on roads left by county trucks. The county is supposed to respond quickly to remove the piles. If that doesnít work, call your county council member. Itís a simple step that can be very helpful to keep damaging piles of salt and sand from washing into our streams.
- Posted Jan 11

Please consider supporting the
Friends of Sligo Creek in our efforts to protect and improve Sligo Creek Park and its surrounding watershed.
We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Want to be more involved in your community? Consider volunteering with FOSC. Meet your neighbors, improve your surroundings,
enhance your skill set.


Tuesday Feb 18 7:30-9pm
Microplastics in Tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay + Local Focus: The Hazards of Synthetic Turf around Us

Saturday Feb 22 9-11am
Jim Anderson leads effort near Kemp Mill Shopping Center

Sunday Feb 23 9-11am
Jim Anderson leads effort near Dale Drive and Hartford Ave in Silver Spring

Saturday Feb 29 9-11am
Join Greg in his monthly outing to reduce invasive plants

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